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Frequently Asked Questions

What better way to experience a destination’s culture and charm, tour popular sites and hidden gems; or to festively
transport guests to an off-site event? PCC Trolleys!

Are you available nationwide?
PCC trolleys are available throughout the United States and Canada.

How many people can ride the trolley?
The trolley seats 47 passengers.

Does the trolley have heating and air conditioning? Yes.

Is the trolley an open air trolley or enclosed trolley?
The trolley is enclosed with operable windows. Rain will not affect your booking.

Are there provisions for physically challenged passengers?
Yes. PCC has access to a variety of vehicles adaptable for disabled access. PCC staff members are trained and
experienced in meeting the needs of disabled passengers.

Can the trolley include decorations, signs and banners?
Yes. PCC trolleys provide fantastic opportunities, inside and outside, to promote the brand, sponsor, exhibitor or event.

Can I serve food and beverages on the trolley?
Yes; however all passengers must meet the age requirement of 21 for alcoholic beverage service.

Do you provide trolley tours?
We do and PCC tour guides speak a diversity of languages. We welcome your telephone or email inquiry.

How far can the trolleys, buses and vehicles travel?
PCC vehicles can travel up to 500 miles from the origination site.

Can the trolley travel routes such as freeways?
Yes. The trolley can go on all roads and major highways, but only travels up to 45 mph. Allow extra time in planning
this type of transportation and keep in mind that the trolley typically takes twice as long to travel as it would in a car.

How do I reserve a trolley for my event?
To reserve a trolley for your event, PCC requires a deposit, which guarantees your reservation date and time. PCC
trolley rentals are very popular and are booked months in advance. Please contact us as soon as you begin to plan
your event to secure your dates and schedules.

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